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Why you should rent a BOX ?

Are you doing some work at your home or office ?
Are you going on a trip for a few days? Do you want to increase your space without having to move?
Are you starting to sell online ?

The solution is to rent a BOX at AFRICA-BOX !
What we promise you
  • No commitment : you come when you want (even without warning in advance!) and you leave when you want! There is no minimum rental period !

  • Manage your stock with flexibility : with 24/7 access, you can come and put and take out what you want in your BOX and as many times as you want.Also, changing the size of your BOX is free and always without any time obligation !

  • Secure your belongings : our sites are guarded 24/7, under video surveillance andlit at night ! Finally, you put your OWN security lock on your BOX !

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How are my

belongings kept ?

Your belongings are kept in renovated sea containers.
Their material (Corten) is precisely used to protect the contents of the BOX from bad weather (sun, rain, ...) and is perfectly hermetic.

To avoid humidity, our sites are strategically chosen (high up, if possible, far from the sea,
etc.). Moreover, all our BOX are raised, so they are not in contact with the ground.


Finally, anti-humidity bags are placed in the BOX for each new customer (you can also
request a change for your BOX during your visit).

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Assurance dommages

What security for my belongings ?

Our sites are secured by barbed wire, guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by the most
serious security companies and under video surveillance.
State and traditional authorities are integrated into the proper surveillance of our facilities.

AFRICA-BOX has a Civil Responsibility insurance.
However, we invite you to inform your insurer of the valuable effects that you could store in
our BOX, he will be your best adviser.

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